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Friendship · means · never · having · to · give · a · reason.

I can't remember what is wrong, I've been happy now for way too long

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Things have been crazy lately. There has been so much going on in Tallahassee and at home in Chipley. School is taking up most of my time and while I'd reeeally like to have a job right now, I think I'm going to wait and try to get one in the summer even though I feel a lot like I should have one now. I am such a slacker.

I'm home this weekend for Easter and I think I'm going to catch up with some people I haven't talked to in a while. I always feel so good coming home for holidays because I know everyone's visiting and there's always a chance that I'll probably run into old friends or see family members I haven't seen in a while.

Dustin is getting his own place next week most likely and I'm extremely excited. FINALLY, I don't have to sneak into his house anymore and worry about getting caught. It's been working pretty well so far though haha. Also, I'll have a place to sleep when I come home instead of getting locked out of my grouchy dad's house because I'm not home before 10 at night because apparently that is just WAY too late and wakes him up even though he can't hear a damn thing.

I can't believe it's almost summer again and I've been at FSU for almost two years. I should be done by now but I'm dragging this out for as long as I can and hoping that my grades will look better at the end of all of this. I'm really doing much better this semester.
I feel busier and more positive about everything these days.
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happy stoked
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the national
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